re:arc institute is an emergent
philanthropic initiative committed
to supporting the architecture(s)
of planetary well-being.
We understand the urgency of
this moment as a call to action to
reframe the ways in which we relate
to the planet, and to move us
beyond extractive paradigms.
We are interested in building lines
of inquiry, discourse, and action that
seek to explore and experiment with
architecture and design as lenses
through which we come to understand
the interconnection of our social
and ecological systems.
We define planetary well-being
as an ongoing practice of custodianship
and care towards our environment;
an adaptive, responsive, and regenerative
relationship that holds deep consideration
for our social foundations and
planetary boundaries.
We support a pluralistic expression
of architecture(s) across a range
of situated projects and practices,
fund the development of community-led
solutions that address the root causes
and consequences of climate
breakdown, and nurture the creative
reimagining of our current social
and ecological foundations.